Bournville Food Festival 2015

Today for the first time I have a bank holiday Monday off. I have never understood people’s sense of entitlement to bank holidays as I find them pointless but I have it off so my kjæreste and I decided to check out the Bournville food festival.
Open from 12pm it is a family and dog friendly event which takes place at the Row Heath Pavilion, Bournville, Birmingham, UK. A lot of stalls in a nice setting with plenty of parking. My advice would be to get there early as the real ale sells out quickly and the layout of the stalls (which could probably be worked on) make it quite crowded later on.
Of the many food stalls available we went for the Savanna Grill stall to try the slow cooked brisket bobotie with slaw, pickles, and Mrs Balls chutney. It was moist, flavoursome, and utterly delicious. So much so that we had eaten most of it before we thought to take a photo.
Then came the Real Ale and Cider. They bought more to the event this year but sold out in record time. Of the ones we tried the Old Rosie Cider with Rhubarb was by far my favourite. So much so I am ordering some for the summer and with any luck for my 2019 wedding.
On my way out we sampled, and purchased, some wonderful scotch eggs courtesy of the Staffordshire Savoury Eggs company. We had these for a late lunch once we walked home and now have very happy tummies.
A nice day out for families and couples with plenty off food stalls and a craft market inside. If you’re in the area when it’s next on I recommend it.


About JoNeaIsisMarie

Coupled 21 year old +11 years Exp, Egyptology/Ancient History Graduate. I Am now studying a full time MA at the University of Birmingham in International Heritage Management. I also Cook and Bake
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