My First Trip to Luxor


I couldn’t quite believe my eyes (neither could my kjæreste) when I woke up in a very sunny Luxor, early on Tuesday morning. It was around 6am local time and I walked out to one of the most breathtaking views I have ever had the experience of taking. My words, or the picture above really do not do it justice.

In spite of the trouble in many parts of Egypt, life here on the West bank seems to be continuing as normal. The air at 3pm is filled with various calls to prayer mixed in with the sound of traffic bustling around. The village’s peacefulness is broken as the evening draws on, more traffic joins the road and later still, the sound of wedding processions and fireworks continues late into the night.


We have giant date palms next to our 4th floor flat that sways suggestively in the wind, the dates tantalisingly out of our reach. Any one who knows me knows I adore food, there will be food pictures to come however, at this moment in time, I have gobbled it before even contemplating my camera.


We sat down to tea this afternoon, I think we are slowly acclimatising to the +40°C as we are spending more time in the non-air conditioned parts of our accommodation. Today, after the bird trap had been set, we had tea on our balcony and listened as the calls to prayer and the world went by.


Now I know you are all curious about the so called bird trap by now. This bird has sadly been left behind by some former neighbors who have moved away. Fully domesticated it can not fend for itself so we are feeding it food and water. Once we leave this bird will die as there will be no one else to feed it. Having found a wonderful and willing local to take this bird on we are now tasked with catching it before we are due to leave in September. We have taken to feeding Sir Skittish (a working name I have for him) inside this box. The idea, he starts to trust the box, he goes into the box, we close it and he gets re-homed without having to touch him or scare him too much. I shall keep you all posted on the progress. 


About JoNeaIsisMarie

Coupled 21 year old +11 years Exp, Egyptology/Ancient History Graduate. I Am now studying a full time MA at the University of Birmingham in International Heritage Management. I also Cook and Bake
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