Shape Up Diary: Weeks 3-5

So this is an even later follow up to Shape Up Diary: Week 2.
The only excuse is that I have not been at my laptop on Thursdays this week but in reality I just forgot to post. Since Week 2 all I have been doing is feeling miserable, attending family functions, and baking/ eating a lot of cakes. It seems my family can not have any kind of celebration without it.
I also haven’t kept an eye on my weight during this time as I doubt the small progress I made during week 2 has not been expanded on at all. I will be weighing and measuring myself on Week 6 however just to get an idea of where I am at.
So this week an interesting thing happened, I found out that I could change the gears in my car without engaging the clutch at all. This could be one of two things, after 13 years my manual car is having an identity crisis and has decided it wants to be an automatic, or I am in serious need of a new clutch for it. you may wonder why I am mentioning this on a shape up blog. As a result of not having the money to fix my car right away I am being forced to cycle the 4 miles to and from work. So far it has been two days and I have to tell you all, even with the gel padded seat I bought myself my posterior hurts. My legs, like jelly.
this can only be good for my though and I have decided to cycle into work every day I am at work until I leave in for Egypt with my kjæreste in August. It currently takes me 30-40 minutes to cycle the 4 miles (there are some really steep inclines and I am that unfit) to work. I will be updating you with the time it takes me as I go on. My aim is to be able to go at least one way, without stopping unless the highway code dictates that I have to, in a months time.
Tomorrow is my first day off since my car decided it wanted a rest so I will be making use of my resistance bands with these workouts I found on youtube. There are many more so if you are considering trying this yourself check with your doctor and find out which ones you prefer. I ALWAYS watch the video through first before attempting to do it. you can also pick up some resistance bands pretty cheap if you shop around. Again, I will let you know how i get on with this too.
Food wise I have started eating better and less food this week, I need to kick the cake habit I have developed though and, without meaning to be too frank with you, resist the urge to binge on crispy carbs (toast, crisps, potato…….) whilst my feminine cycle takes hold. This leads me to another little snippet of advice for you. During this horrid near-week your metabolism is slightly up which will aid in weight loss. This will not be noticeable right away because of the water retention so avoid salt during this time, and the temptation of chocolate, etc, etc, and you could benefit from this natural boost to your system.

Here are some pictures I took:


This avocado is as big as my face!


My baby (Bassett) giving my bike (Carole, after my aunt who I inherited this off) the once over.


From today’s Independant. Protest via world wide, naked bike riding. I doubt I’ll ever do this myself.

What crazy fad diets or exercise routines have you done in your quest for physical fitness?


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Coupled 21 year old +11 years Exp, Egyptology/Ancient History Graduate. I Am now studying a full time MA at the University of Birmingham in International Heritage Management. I also Cook and Bake
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