False Doors

Such great work being carried out at an amazing site.

South Asasif Conservation Project Blog

Slide71One of the goals of the 2013 season is the reconstruction of the false door in the tomb of Karakhamun. This photograph from 2012 shows the remains of the false door in situ and some elements found during the excavation of the court. Only from 10 to 30 cm of the structure, the 12 cm base of the central statue and the feet of Osiris were found in situ in 2011. Yet this small section provides information on the width and the overall configuration  of the door. The known height of the central aisle and found fragments of various architectural elements allowed to calculate the dimensions of most of the sections of the door. The reconstruction was enhanced in 2013 and now includes around 100 blocks. It is in its finishing state in a sandbox.  Most of the fragments are direct joins which helps to reimagine the door. We rely…

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