Shape Up Diary: Week 0

I should be better at this by now but in an attempt to stay on the straight and narrow I am going to post weekly about my progress with regards to getting fitter.

I have several things coming up in the next few (14) weeks, the two main being my good friend’s wedding (on my 29th birthday, easiest party ever for me, plenty of cake and no one will sing to me) and a month long visit to Egypt with my partner. For both of these I want to be fitter and thinner, my only problem is my laziness.

I always used to be super fit as a child, unfortunately 2 eating disorders and a whole mind fuck later I found that I was unable to face up to myself and get my arse in gear. Well nothing is going to change if I continue to do nothing so healthy eating and treadmill walking/ resistance band training will be commencing over the coming weeks.

My measurements are as follows
Weight: 179.4lbs
Waist: 34 Inches
Tummy: 41.5 Inches
Bum: 45 Inches
Chest: 40 Inches
Top Arm: 12.5 Inches
Upper Thigh: 26 Inches

Tomorrow I shall be doing a walking incline on my mothers treadmill. This will happen without fail every other day and will slowly increase to a run. On the days off from my treadmill abuse, I have named it Boris and he will be abused, I shall be doing resistance band training because there is no point in leaving the toning out of the whole process.

My main goals are as follows

  • To run for 30 minutes, on an incline, without stopping
  • To be able to lift my own body weight when doing pull ups (I currently can’t get my eyes over my hands)

I may even throw in the occasional recipe for you too, because, you know, yum 😉

Let me know what you are getting up to and feel free to give me advice.


About JoNeaIsisMarie

Coupled 21 year old +11 years Exp, Egyptology/Ancient History Graduate. I Am now studying a full time MA at the University of Birmingham in International Heritage Management. I also Cook and Bake
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