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“Dr.Mohamed Ibrahim, Minister State of Antiquities, announced that the A.R.C.E (American Research Center in Egypt) mission working in Mut temple in the Karnak complex in co-operation with Ministry of Antiquities, unearthed a granite statue of Goddess Sekhmet dated back to the time of Amenhotep III.

The 180cm tall statue represents Goddess Sekhmet in a human body with a lioness head crowned with the Sun disc and cobra holding an Ankh in her right hand and Lotus flower in her left hand. It was unearthed during the installing of floor tiles in the second court of the temple.

Mansour Boraik said “The statue id the first statue of Sekhmet standing to be found in Mut’s temple as the temple hosts a large number of statues of Sekhment seated representing Mut the wife of Amon Re.”

In May 2012, ARCE and Ministry State of Antiquities begun a project to restore and develop…

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