The Battle Ground: Weight Loss.

I tweeted today that I had lost an extra 2lbs when the lovely @ChelleHY replied to ask me what my secret was. Well here goes nothing…….

I don’t have one. People will tell you that they find it impossible to lose weight, I hear it all the time and find that I really do have to bite my lip when I do. The very short answer to loosing weight is this, burn more calories than you consume.

Now I am guilty of falling off the wagon and I have done so several times. My weight has been up and down like the proverbial yoyo. That was because I would try every fad diet going. I can tell you for certain that fad diets DO NOT WORK! And more to the point they are not good for you either. it is a combination of fad dieting and really letting myself go that has turned me from a healthy 5’10”, 146lb girl to an unfit woman with 42lbs to lose!

My goal is simple, lose weight and regain my fitness. This has been kick started by my graduation ceremony. It is in late January and I want to weigh under 168lbs by the time that day comes around. having set this mini goal for myself (the main goal being 146-150lbs) I have started taking steps toward achieving it.

  • Calorie Counting: I have reduced my calorie intake to a daily intake of 1320. I am lucky enough to have an android phone and found that the “My Fitness Pal” app is a little beauty. It is a free app that allows you to keep an eye on how many calories you are eating. It is available on all (I think) android devices or via the Internet on a laptop or PC. You can either forward plan your weekly meals or do what I do and insert your entries as you are eating them.
  • Changing my eating habits: The more you eat sweets, chocolate, or any high and empty calorie foods the more you will crave them. I would never cut out these things completely, I adore cake and chocolate far too much to give them up. However once in a blue moon, and by that I mean once every few weeks, I will allow myself a cheat day. A day when I can eat and drink what I please. Such a day is coming up on Friday when I visit Birmingham Christmas market. Until them I am eating less bread, meat, and potatoes whilst upping my intake of fruit and vegetables.
  • Exercise: Anywhere I can get it I am getting it. Walking, pounding Boris (my mothers treadmill), running up and down the stairs. I am also making sure that I exercise daily, burning at least 200 calories.

My thought process is as follows. You must burn at least 500 calories daily for a week in order to lose 1lb. With the reduction in my calorie intake and daily exercise I should manage that easily and it seems to be working. In short there is no secret to loosing weight, eat better and do more. If you are adamant you eat well then do what I did, write down everything you eat. Every ingredient in the food you are making, every little bite of something you have, every morsel of food. Add up all the calories and prepare to be shocked. I know I was.

What is the worse thing you have done to lose weight?

P.S. Here is my twitter account, JoIsisMarie. I tweet mostly crap, consider yourself warned.


About JoNeaIsisMarie

Coupled 21 year old +11 years Exp, Egyptology/Ancient History Graduate. I Am now studying a full time MA at the University of Birmingham in International Heritage Management. I also Cook and Bake
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2 Responses to The Battle Ground: Weight Loss.

  1. ljgodbolt says:

    The worst thing I’ve done to lose weight is (don’t judge me!) take laxatives! It didn’t even work that well I just would have a painful stomach the next day which meant I couldn’t exercise- pretty counter productive! At the time I think I was in a pretty mental headspace and don’t worry I’ll never do it again or be as silly.

    I like your sensible article, I find personally I can’t do calorie counting as I start getting way too obsessive and rather then eat when I’m hungry and not when I’m not I eat when I have calories left. Was just wondering why you’re cutting down on meat when you’re dieting?

    • Well I had an eating disorder so I would never judge. I find I eat far too much meat anyway, I could live on bacon. I am just having smaller portions of it. It’s cheaper and less calories. Upping my fruit and veg to compensate means I’ll still feel full but be healthy too.

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