The Battle Ground 07/11/2012

I find myself in some sort of limbo since I left university. I can not find full time work and I desperately need the cash as I need to learn French before I can even think of doing an MA. With life getting in the way I have decided to slack no longer and get this blog up and running so I can practice my writing and research skills. Anyhow to this post, which shall be an ongoing post that shall be updated every week.

As I find myself in limbo I can honestly say that at this moment in time I am not happy. I have plenty of reasons to be happy, good friends (even if they are very far away from me), my family (despite a very recent death in the family), my partner (who is currently studying History at the University of Birmingham and far away from me), and as always my pets. Despite all of these things I am not happy with myself. My depression is nearly as bad as it was at my lowest moments and as unfit as I have ever been.

I now feel more strongly than ever, with all the good things that I have in my life to look forward too, that now is the time for action. I need to let go of the things I can not change and look toward the future. I need to stop thinking up excuses not to do things and work towards my goals. In short, nothing is going to change unless I change myself. Tomorrow starts a new me with a relatively small check-list.

  • Get up at 8am every morning (insomnia does make this difficult but I manage it when I am in employment).
  • Run on the treadmill for at least 30 minutes a day (I have named him Boris, he will be pounded form now on).
  • Eat more veg and less bread.
  • Until Yule cut out any form of sweets, biscuits, and chocolate.
  • Keep my room clean (messy room, messy mind).

By doing this I am hoping to regain my fitness and a better state of mind. I am also hoping that this will help with my insomnia as well as indirectly improve other aspects of my life. With any luck I shall be getting back to the old me in no time at all.

I also want to finish every post with a question, is it bad that I currently have my Christmas songs CD playing in my car?


About JoNeaIsisMarie

Coupled 21 year old +11 years Exp, Egyptology/Ancient History Graduate. I Am now studying a full time MA at the University of Birmingham in International Heritage Management. I also Cook and Bake
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4 Responses to The Battle Ground 07/11/2012

  1. ljgodbolt says:

    Love your blog so far! Hopefully this blog should keep you focused and motivated, good list of action plans- keep us updated on how you get on! In answer to your question it depends which songs are playing…

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